Muslim Cap/ Peci Classic Exclusive

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Muslim Cap is a type of hat worn by people in Islam as a characteristic of Muslim. This Typical Muslim Cap is suitable for everyone including children and adults, men and women, and Muslims and non-Muslims as well. In Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, and Malaysia, those Muslim Caps called with various names such as Peci, Songkok, Kopiah, or Kopya. As far as Indonesian concern, the cap has been culturally and officially accepted as an integral part of traditional costumes that worn not only by Muslims, but non-Muslims as well. Apart from religious purposes like performing prayer, the cap are rigged out along every Muslim daily activities.

There are many small factories which produce Muslim Cap as home industries. Our company is one of them which has the product (typical Muslim Cap) with brand "Peci Classic Exclusive" and the slogan "Peci Exclusive Peci Executive", You may also call us with this name (Peci Classic Exclusive).

Our Products are produced by qualified people around the factory using quality raw materials. As a home industri of Muslim Cap (handicraft industry) which located in Bandung West Java Indonesia, customer satisfaction is always our priority, therefore we always try to make the cap with quality raw materials and qualified workers.

Our Muslim Caps consist of variety of motif, sizes, heights, and colors. One of our best motif like never before is the Art Design motif which done mostly manually by hand (hand made). This motif  is suitable for everyone who want to be cool but still look decent.

The main difference of Peci Classic Exclusive with other products lies in the design both inner and outer, workmanship, and the materials quality. That's what makes our Muslim Cap more durable, neat, elegant, and most comfortable to wear.

We sell our product not only to the people in Indonesia but also we sell to people all over the world with retail, a large order, or for resale. You can also call our product with the following names: 
  1. Muslim Hat
  2. Muslim Cap
  3. Muslim Prayer Cap
  4. Moslem Hat
  5. Moslem Cap
  6. Moslem Prayer Cap
  7. Peci
  8. Songkok
  9. Kopiah
  10. Kopeah
  11. Kopya
  12. Typical Muslim Cap
  13. Typical Moslem Cap
  14. Islamic Hat
  15. Islamic Cap
  16. Muslim Skull
  17. Moslem Skull
  18. Peci Haji
  19. Skull Cap
They are all other titles of our product. This Muslim Cap (Peci Classic Exclusive) is suitable for Muslims and nice for non-Muslims as well.